Mental Injury Deposition

Preparing for a Mental Injury Deposition-Instructions

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Preparing for deposition in a mental injury case


Before preparing for your deposition, your mental injury lawyer will begin by describing all the procedures and guidelines that are applied to your given case. For instance, your lawyer might explain the following to you at your hearing.

1). He or she might say ” I will be with you at your deposition”. While the defense lawyer may be asking questions, your lawyer will be the one who will protect you.

2). You might also be asked if you are aware of why you are unable to provide your best testimony at the hearing.

At the deposition, key issues may include: what happened, how it happened, who is responsible and the types of injuries as well as damages that you have sustained. Also if there is more than one defendant involved, there is a possibility that you will be questioned by multiple attorneys.

Other important facts

Your lawyer will give you some important information before you go up to testify. Listed below are just some examples of what to expect at your deposition.

1). Your testimony that you give will remain other oath and if you lie, perjury will then be applied in a court of law.

2). You only answer questions that you are able to hear as well as understand.
3). If lawyer tells you not to answer a question, don’t answer it.
4). If you can’t remember a particular event, just say ” I do not remember”.

Of course there are other rules to remember at your hearing, but if you follow these simple guidelines, you will do well.

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