Mental Injury Interview

Mental Injury Interview – Single Trauma

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Topics and Conclusion of First Interview with Plaintiff’s Lawyer in Mental & Emotional Injury Case

During initial interview with lawyer, you’ll be asked to talk in detail about the trauma that caused the mental & emotional injury. Your lawyer will need to inquire your state of mind immediately before, then after and finally during the trauma.

In mental and emotional injury cases, trauma might be a single event or concerning abuse, discrimination, or harassment, might be repeated acts taking place over weeks, several months or even many years.

Single Trauma Cases

In single-trauma cases, your emotional and mental injury attorney will need to explore your state of mind in detail before the trauma occurred. The lawyer may inquire about your emotions and thinking from beginning of trauma until end.

What thought popped into your head as trauma was occurring?

Was there flashbacks to earlier childhood traumas?

Are you unable to remember moments of trauma?

Did you imagine being outside your body while trauma took place?

Did trauma feel like it was lasting longer than you know it actually lasted?

People’s reactions to different types of trauma are complicated and unique, and how they experience the trauma can be very individualistic.

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