Mental Injury Deposition – Likeability, May Not Get to Tell Whole Story

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Deposition In Mental & Psychological Injury Case

Maintain Likeability
Emotional distress damages are often very subjective. Jurors possess normal human emotions. As the plaintiff, when you appear hostile as well as unlikeable, then you will be found less deserving of being awarded money to compensate for your losses. You must seek to remain likeable during your deposition. This doesn’t mean you should become best friends with a defense lawyer, you should remain warm and friendly and courteous with all. It’s also advisable to be kind and polite to the court reporter.

Tell Your Whole Story
The defense lawyer does not ask you about every one of the facts. You should not make an effort to provide information that will not be requested. Simply answer the questions which have been asked, even if you aren’t able to tell everyone your entire story. During deposition, you must restrict your answers to the defense lawyer’s inquiries. Your day to see your whole story will happen during trial.

You may not be provided with free rein to provide details of your story. Although this process might be frustrating to you, it is important you must hold back or you will end up fighting with defense counsel.

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