Mental Injury Cases Closing Argument

Mental Injury Cases Closing Argument – Causation

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Cases involving mental injuries contain closing arguments just like other court cases. During these closing arguments, a mental health attorney will typically review the major points that were addressed in the case, both legal and factual in nature, and describe the injuries that you had as a result of the factors in the case.

Generally the argument is based on causation. This begins with the process in which the defendant caused you mental injuries and how their actions directly led to the ill effects that you have. Preexisting conditions are typically placed in the background and examples are typically used to try to prove a point that emphasizes the causation and challenges that you faced as a result of the actions of the defendant. However, even if a preexisting injury was present you may still be able to receive funds to cover the injury that you receive though a jury may be less sympathetic or rule that the damage is less than it otherwise might have been.

However, a wide range of strategies are used by different attorneys and there is no one strategy that will work in every case involving an mental injury. An lawyer will consider the facts and circumstances when being involved in the case.

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