Interview with Mental Injury and Multiple Trauma

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This is a mental and emotional injury case. Included are the topics and the conclusion of the first interview

A case with multiple traumas sexual abuse, discrimination and harassment

In many multiple trauma cases where sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination has taken place; you can not break them up into smaller, separate occurrences. This is due to the abuse lasting for many years. In this case the mental injury attorney will not have to obtain all the fine details of each trauma separately.
The details about what lead up to the first few individual traumas may prove more important to know rather than the traumas themselves. The nature of all trauma cases, regardless of what the trauma was, is a single person’s ability to force their will upon another. What the attorney must ultimately discover in the initial interview is how that one person was able to exert their will over another.

A mental injury attorney who is experienced in this matter, may in fact ask the client to carefully revisit the accounts that led up to the abuse. There is a power differential present between the perpetrator that must be discovered as well as the coercive behavior of the perpetrator. In some multiple trauma cases the power differential will be quite obvious in the nature of the relationship. This could come in the form of a teacher and student; a medical professional and patient etc..

But the most challenging thing to discover, even in these seemingly obvious cases is what in the personality of the victim, that when combined with the perpetrator’s influence, led to the trauma.
The one thing that is even more important than the actual physical injury, even in the case of sexual abuse, is the abuse of power. This is more traumatizing than the actual behavior.

The most common example of these cases is when an employer harasses a employee for a long period of time; if it can be proven that the company was aware of the perpetrator’s dangerous tendency, the company can be held libel for the crime.

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