Inside the Mind of a Juror: Fundamental Questions in Auto Accident Cases

  • By:jpadmin

Are you concerned about the jury and their perspective on your auto accident case? If so, you are not alone. Anxiety is common when considering the minds or views of a jury.  Fortunately, there is a way to assure the jury understands your side of the story.  There are 9 key questions in auto accident cases that jurors will ask:

1) Were you following the applicable driving laws at the
time of the accident?

2) What distractions outside your control (e.g., weather,
glare) were factors?

3) What distractions within your control (e.g., cell phone
or alcohol use) were factors?

4) Were you in a hurry?

5) What is your prior driving record?

6) How often did you drive in this location at this time
of day?

7) What is the custom of other drivers at the accident’s

8) What is the state of your injuries at this time?

9) Did you have any similar pre-existing medical conditions?

Clear and precise answers to these key questions are what the jurors need to understand your side of the story and to make an informed decision about your case. Answering these questions will satisfy the jurors and eliminate doubt on your part.

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