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There are some important things that one should understand any time they set out to pick on a lawyer. Understanding such issues calls for some knowledge in the legal sector. However having a small knowledge in law does not qualify one to fire their lawyers and start practicing law themselves. It takes lot of things […]

Mental Injury Interview – Single Trauma

Topics and Conclusion of First Interview with Plaintiff’s Lawyer in Mental & Emotional Injury Case During initial interview with lawyer, you’ll be asked to talk in detail about the trauma that caused the mental & emotional injury. Your lawyer will need to inquire your state of mind immediately before, then after and finally during the […]

Mental Injury Cases Closing Argument – Causation

Cases involving mental injuries contain closing arguments just like other court cases. During these closing arguments, a mental health attorney will typically review the major points that were addressed in the case, both legal and factual in nature, and describe the injuries that you had as a result of the factors in the case. Generally […]

Preparing for a Mental Injury Deposition-Instructions

Preparing for deposition in a mental injury case Instructions Before preparing for your deposition, your mental injury lawyer will begin by describing all the procedures and guidelines that are applied to your given case. For instance, your lawyer might explain the following to you at your hearing. 1). He or she might say ” I […]

Filing An Insurance Claim Is Important

Filing an insurance claim is a very tedious part of having an accident. You’ll want to make sure that you’ve consulted your attorney for proper recovery benefits from the other insurance company. However, in the event that you’re in an accident you want to make sure that your covered against a claim being filed by […]

How Lawyers Get Witnesses to Talk During Depositions

When a deposition begins, witnesses that are represented or prepared by an attorney will usually be rather tight lipped. This happens as the witness remembers instructions from the lawyer telling them to answer the question as concisely as they an and say nothing more. What the questioning attorney will try to do is to make […]

Interview with Mental Injury and Multiple Trauma

This is a mental and emotional injury case. Included are the topics and the conclusion of the first interview A case with multiple traumas sexual abuse, discrimination and harassment In many multiple trauma cases where sexual abuse, harassment and discrimination has taken place; you can not break them up into smaller, separate occurrences. This is […]

Inside the Mind of a Juror: Fundamental Questions in Auto Accident Cases

Are you concerned about the jury and their perspective on your auto accident case? If so, you are not alone. Anxiety is common when considering the minds or views of a jury.  Fortunately, there is a way to assure the jury understands your side of the story.  There are 9 key questions in auto accident […]

All About The Laborde Earles Law Firm

We at The Laborde Earles Law Firm commit all of our effort, money, and time into each one of our clients’ cases in order to improve provide our clients with the best possible outcome. If you have had to deal with accidental injuries of any kind then you should make sure that you have an […]

Understanding Potential Red Flags with Medical Personnel, Unions, Police, Rental Vehicle

Understanding Potential Red Flags with Medical Personnel, Unions, Police, Rental Vehicle The Medical Personnel The ambulance driver is usually connected with the law firms whom they refer cases. Their vast medical knowledge is coupled with legal connections to allow them to learn early how to properly back up the claim. The same can be said […]